Cobalt Steel


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Cobalt Steels employ 12 to 50% of Cobalt to significantly increase saturation flux density to about 2.4 Tesla.   Sometimes Vanadium is added to increase ductility and is known as 2V-Permendur. They are sold under a variety of trade names such as Supermendur, Vacodur, each having slightly different properties. Specific annealing procedures, recommended by a manufacturer, should be used to attain their high flux density capability. Those with higher cobalt are rather expensive; they are used in aerospace industry where small size and light weight is more important than cost. Those with lower cobalt are less expensive; but their magnetic properties are less attractive.

The “Cobalt Steels” folder contains 28 smooth B(H) Curves and 12 Digital Core Loss Curves (total of 40 excel files). By downloading this folder, you will have the properties of all Cobalt Steels manufactured world wide at your finger tips!

Please review the User Manual for a full list of all Cobalt Steel materials contained in this folder.

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