Electrical Steel (NGO)


Product Description

Electrical Steels are ultra low carbon steels with less than 4% Silicon added to reduce core losses.  Of these Non-Grain Oriented (NGO) type are those with near-isotropic properties. They are used mostly in Electric Motors. (Structural steels add Carbon to improve mechanical strength while Electrical Steels remove Carbon to improve  magnetic properties). Their properties are sensitive to trace impurities, which differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. So MagWeb lists the properties of steels by each manufacturer, irrespective of their grade. 

This zipped folder contains 409 excel files on magnetic properties of all NGO steels.  Of these, 293 files contain B(H) Curves and Permeability Curves plus Saturation Flux Density, Resistivity, Annealing etc if available.  Balance 116 files contain Core Loss Curves. By downloading, you will have the magnetic properties of all NGO electrical steels produced world wide at your finger-tips !  Click here for more info on NGO steels, including complete list of all NGO steels in this folder.   


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