Iron Powder Core


Product Description

Iron Powder Cores are made of high purity iron powder, mixed with insulating epoxy resins and compressed at extremely high pressures to form toroids, blocks, pot cores etc. This results in a magnetic material with distributed gap. Glass fibres are sometimes added to increase strength. They offer low permeability (30 to 600) and produce low core loss at high frequencies (up to 20 kHz). These materials are primarily used as cores of transformers and inductors by power electronics industry. The trace impurities (that impact the coreloss and B(H) curves) differ with manufacturers, even if the composition is same. So MagWeb lists the properties of steels by each manufacturer, irrespective of their grade.  

This folder contains 49 B(H) data and 28 Core Loss Curves of iron powder cores. By downloading this folder you will have magnetic properties of all iron powder croes produced world wide at your finger tips!

Please review the User Manual for full list of all iron powder cores contained in this folder.

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