Metglas & Nanocrystalline


Product Description

Metglas and Nano materials are thin amorphous ribbons that use more silicon than electrical steel (typically 9 to 15%) to reduce core loss further. They are produced by cooling a molten metal over a rotating copper drum.  Metglas offers low core loss in 1000 Hz to 10,000 Hz range while Nano materials extend the range to 100,000 Hz. They are generally used to build single phase transformers and inductors.  

This zipped folder contains 33 excel files on magnetic properties of all Metglas and Nano materials produced worldwide.  Of these, 23 files contain B(H) Curves and Permeability Curves, while 10 contain Core Loss Curves.  By downloadin this folder you will have properties of all Metglas and Nanocrystalline materials prodced world wide at your finger tips!. 

Please review the User Manual for a full list of all Metglas and Nano materials contained in this folder and more pertinent information on their usage. 

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