Table 1.  Categories of  Magnetic Materials


Symbol Folder Name BH & Core Loss Files
A Electrical Steel NGO 409
B Electrical Steel GO 275
C Metglas & Nano 33
D Cobalt Steel 40
E Nickel Steel 86
F Stainless Steel 34
G Low Carbon Steel 90
H Castings 29
I Iron Powder Core 75
J Alloy Powder Core 71
K Ferrite Powder Core 58
Total Nr. of BH files 1267

We group all magnetic materials into 12 categories from permeability perspective. Each category comprises a large number of magnetic materials.  Table 1 lists the categories and magnetic materials in them. For example, Electrical Steel (NGO) category has 96 magnetic materials while Nickel Steel category has 37 magnetic materials.

BH file is an electronic file that stores technical data for a magnetic material. Each BH file contains data on BH curve, permeability curve, (B, H, mur) data points, Saturation Flux Density, Conductivity. It also contains much more information such as Manufacturer, brand name, thickness of steel, annealing schedule etc if available.

BH Folder is a collection of BH files of all magnetic materials belonging to a specific material category.   For example, the Electrical Steel (NGO) folder contains 96 BH files carrying technical data on 96 respective magnetic materials.

Product refer to license granted to a user for the right to use the technical data in the BH folder that the user downloads through internet. A  BH folder can be downloaded in “Excel Format” that contains BH files in Excel.  They are viewable and printable.

We offer 11 BH Folders in via internet as downloadable products.  The terms of licensing agreement is available in the footer of the home page.  By downloading a BH folder, the user agrees to abide by these licensing terms.  You can request BH files in  “pdf” Format that are viewable but not printable by emailing to

Please review User Manual for more detailed description of the BH Folders and magnetic properties of materials contained in the BH files.