New Version 5 with more than 3000 B(H) and Core Loss Curves Uploaded! 

Whether you are designing a traction motor for electric vehicle, wind generator, transformer or loudspeaker, your product is only as good as the soft magnetic material that you employ.  For optimal design, you need to identify the top grade that best suits your specific product requirements.  Choosing the right top grade gives you the competitive edge.

A magnetic material is like a cake.  It is made by each factory with its own secret recipe ingredients and method of manufacture. So even if two magnetic materials carry the same name, their properties differ with manufacturers.  So, searching for the best-quality manufacturer is an amazingly non-trivial task.

So far, lack of a comprehensive magnetic material database prevented you from identifying the top grade and its manufacturer.  MagWeb’s encyclopedic Soft Magnetic Material Database compiles the properties of all grades of magnetic materials produced by all manufacturers worldwide.  Such single source places  data of all magnetic materials at your finger tips, saving you considerable search time.

Till now, the magnetic properties were available only as continuous curves in pdf or picture files.  They need to be digitized before inputting into electric machine design software.  MagWeb has developed proprietary tools to digitize them with minimal digitization noise. Entering this data will eliminate any numeric instabilities that can be caused by digitization noise.

MagWeb database presents these digital data as excel files.  Each file contains digital magnetization curve, permeability curve or core loss curves.  This version 5 contains ~ 3000 excel files of digital magnetic properties of diverse materials.

In summary, the noise-free digitized data from MagWeb can be inputted directly into your machine design software.  It will save you hundreds of hours of data search time.  You will be able to accelerate the simulation time for assess how a change in the steel grade impacts the performance of your product.  It will help you to quickly discover the top grade that maximizes the performance.

WHAT IS NEW IN Version 5, Dt 11 March 2019

  •  More than 3000 B(H)/Core Loss Curves
  • Magnetic Properties of more than 159 Low Carbon Steels 

 Version 5 Handbook Contains:

  • New Section on how to discover a top grade. It reveals how properties of same grades differ with manufacturer, and presents illustrative examples on how to select the right grade that meet specific user requirements.
  • Revised Section on Carbon Steels that subdivides them into Low Carbon Steels and Industrial Steels, and describes their inherent magnetic properties.
  • Revised Section on Stainless Steel that includes magnetic properties of dozens of magnetic stainless steels.

 Each Folder also includes

  • New DIGEST files that lists B(H) and Core Loss of all grades at a point
  • New INDEX files that list
    • Source of Data
    • Composition of Materials
  • Key Properties such as
    • Saturation Induction 
    • Resistivity 
    • Density 
    • Thermal Conductivity