Free B(H) & Core Loss Curves

You can download the following excel files free. Each file contains all the B(H) Curves  (Magnetization Curves), and Core Loss Curves at several frequencies for a specific grade.

Version 6 added a data smoother. It is not unusual for measured data to be rough. Rough data can slow solution convergence.  To prevent such slowdown, MagWeb locates all rough spots in all raw data and spot-cleans them. This helps fast convergence.

Version 6 also extrapolates all data to saturation. You can download Saturation Flux Density Js of thousands of Grades from the Steels List link. This helps in investigating the effect of overfluxing on the performance of your machine.

Table. Free B(H) and Core Loss Curves (download link)

Category Code Category Manufacturer            Grade/Link
A  Electrical Steel NGO  AK Steel                   M-19 14mil
B  Electrical Steel GO  ATI                            M-6 14mil
C  Metglas  Metglas                    2605SA1 .025mm
D  Cobalt Steel  Carpenter                 Hiperco 50A 14mil
E  Nickel Steel  Carpenter                 49 14mil
F  Stainless Steel  Carpenter                 430-FR
G  Low Carbon Steel                                   1020 Steel Annealed
H  Castings                                   Cast Iron
I  Iron Powder Core  Hoganas                  500 1P 600MPa
J  Alloy Powder Core  Magnetics                Koolmu 40mu
K  Ferrite  TDK                         PC40