Free Demagnetization Curves

You can download following magnet grades’ demagnetization files free. Each excel file contains all the B(H) Demagnetization Datasets for a specific grade, sequentially listed for several temperatures.

Version 2 also identifies the crucial Knee Point of a grade for each temperature. MagWeb  shows its value with 4 decimals.

All magnets should be operated above such Knee Point (‘Safe Operating Range SOR) – otherwise the magnet loses its performance.   MagWeb shows SOR Data in green color. Within SOR, the flux density inside a magnet is reversible.  Outside SOR it is irreversible  

Table. Free B(H) Demagnetization Data for Magnets

CatCodeCategoryManufacturerer            Grade
AMNeodymium MagnetsArnold Magnetics           N40UH
AMNeodymium MagnetsHitachi Metals                NMX-48BH
BMSamarium Cobalt MagnetsDexter Magnetics           S3218
BMSamarium Cobalt MagnetsElectron Energy Corp     20-T500
CMBonded Molded MagnetsBMG                              2560
CMBonded Molded MagnetsKolektor                         86EP
DMFerrite MagnetsDexter Magnetics          HF085
DMFerrite MagnetsTDK                              FB138
EMAlnico MagnetsHPMG                           LNGT18
EMAlnico MagnetsThomas & Skinner        Alnico 9