Alnico Magnets

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Alnico Magnets were first developed for USA military in 1940’s. Alnico magnets are composed of Al (8-12%), Ni (13-20%), Co (3 -24%), Cu (3 -6%), balance Fe, plus trace elements such as Ti, Si, Zi.  Different grades are obtained by combing them in different strengths. They are formed by casting or sintering. Alnico is best in long pencil shaped magnet applications. They are very hard and brittle.  Their energy product is limited to 10MGOe.  Their Br varies from 0.55 to 1.37 tesla.   They can operate up to 600C. They are valued for their high temperature stability (0.02%/C).

PMAG Database contains 82 B(H) Demagnetization Curves of 75 Alnico Magnets grades, produced by 12 manufacturers worldwide. For names of all these grades, please click on PMAG, Materials.