Electrical Steel (GO)

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Electrical Steels are ultra low carbon steels (with less than 4% Silicon added to reduce core losses).  Grain Oriented (GO) type Electrical Steels are those which offer lowest core loss and highest permeability (in the rolling direction). They are however more expensive than NGO steels.  They are used mostly in Transformers.  Their properties are sensitive to trace impurities, which differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. To account this sensitivity, MagWeb lists the properties of GO steels by each manufacturer, irrespective of their grade. 

MagWeb’s Electrical Steel (GO) Folder  has 411 excel files listing magnetic properties of these materials, produced by 13 manufacturers.  Of these, 221 files contain B(H) magnetization curves/permeability curves while 190 files contain core loss curves.  For a full list of commercial names of all these materials, please  click on  List of Materials.

Version 5 also has a DIGEST which lists magnetic properties of all these materials at a point in a single excel file

For more technical information on magnetic properties of these steels, please download the Handbook.

This website is designed for automated download of Folders (containing the magnetic property files) via credit card. If you wish to purchase via quote/purchase order, please email to rao@magweb.us


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