Ferrite Cores

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Ferrites are high resistivity materials made by compacting MnZn or NiZn plus iron oxides. They derive their magnetic properties by complex interaction of metallic and nonmetallic elements. They are available as bars, toroids, pot cores etc. They are used in inductors, transformers, etc by power electronics industry.

MnZn (MnxZn1-xFe2O4 ) ferrites have higher saturation induction (upto 0.5 T). Their permeability is high (mui = 500 to 20,000). But their resistivity is low. So Mn Zn ferrites are used upto 1 MHz.

NiZn (NixZn1-xFe2O4) ferrites offer lower saturation (< 0.35T). Their permeability is low (mui = 10 to 2000). But their resistivity is high. So NiZn Ferrites are used in 1 MHz to 0.5 GHz range.

MagWeb’s Ferrites Folder has 288 excel files listing magnetic properties of these materials, produced by 6 manufacturers.  Of these, 88 files contain B(H) magnetization curves/permeability curves while 200 files contain core loss curves.  For a full list of commercial names of all these materials, please  click on List of Materials – K. Ferrites. 

Version 5 also contains a DIGEST file that lists all these materials and their magnetic properties in a single excel file.

By downloading this folder you will have 288 files on magnetic properties of all ferrites produced world wide!

Please review the Handbook for more technical information of ferrite powder core materials. 

This website is designed for instant download of Folders (containing magnetic property files) via credit card. If you wish to purchase via quote/purchase order, please email to rao@magweb.us


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