Broadband Ferrite (67)

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L. Broadband Ferrites

MagWeb’s Broadband Ferrite Folder has 67 excel files listing magnetic properties of these materials, produced by 3 manufacturers.  All files contain core loss curves. They are listed as real and imaginary parts m’,m”, as well as tan d.  For a full list of commercial names of all these materials, please go to the MagWeb.US Website, click on MagWeb Database – L. Broadband Ferrites.

Their frequency range spans 1 to 100 GHz as shown below.  Garnet Ferrites – 1-10 GHz

Spinnel Ferrites – 3-30 GHz.  Hexagonal Ferrites –  1-100 GHz.

Broadband Ferrites (aka microwave ferrites) are non metallic oxides and ferrites that are used at frequencies greater than 1 GHz.  Their chemical composition is XFeyOz.  So, changing values of X, y, z causes their magnetic properties to change, so produce different grades.  Their Saturation induction is less than 0.04T.  Their resistivity is higher than that of conventional ferrites.

Above 1GHz, electromagnetic energy is not transmitted via wires.  It is not controlled via diodes or IGBT switches.  Instead solid disc or squares of less than 25 mm are used to transmit GHz waves.  They are used in applications such as waveguides, antennas and filters, and controlled via isolators, phase shifters, circulators.  They are used in communication devices, e.g., GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cell phone, satellite radio, keyless entry, security systems, tire pressure monitoring in home, auto, and military applications.

For more information on magnetic properties of these novel materials, please click on User Manual.