Low Carbon Steels

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Low Carbon Steels (aka mild steel) are those with relatively more carbon than electrical steels (usually 0.05% to 0.3% C).  This folder also contains magnetic properties of other steels, such as structural steels, tool steels etc which contain Carbon upto ~2%.  It includes a variety of carbon steels, e.g., 10xx series steels, 4340 etc in cold/hot rolled, annealed/ un-annealed conditions. It also lists six grades of pure iron (ie. carbon removed as much as possible, so has higher permeability and does not suffer from aging). 

These steels are very lossy above ~ 5 Hz. So they are used mostly in applications that carry large flux at low flux densities and frequencies. These include rotors, pole pieces, solenoids, actuators, lifting magnets etc.   They are more ductile and machinable than electrical steels. Because of higher carbon content, they are prone to aging.  Their magnetic properties can vary with manufacturer, heat, form and annealing. They are available as sheets, rods, tubes etc in fully annealed or hardened condition.

MagWeb’s Low Carbon Steel Folder has 159 excel files listing magnetic properties of these materials.  Of these, 156 files contain B(H) magnetization curves/permeability curves while 3 files contain core loss curves.  For a full list of commercial names of all these materials, please click on MagWeb Database – G. Low Carbon Steels. 

By downloading this folder you will have 159 files on magnetic properties of low carbon steels produced worldwide at your finger tips!

Please review the User Manual for more technical information on these materials. The version 4 contains several less-known facts on magnetic properties of these steels; they will help you to better utilize these materials for magnetic purpose. 

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