Molded Bonded Magnets

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Molded/bonded magnets are made by mixing magnetic powders with nonmagnetic binders. They are made into intricate shapes by either injection molding or compression bonding. Molding avoids additional machining and assembly cost. It reduced per part cost in large volumes, but needs high tooling cost investment. They use Neo, Samarium or Ferrite magnetic powders.  Those made of Ferrite are inferior to others.  Their magnetic strength is reduced by the binding agent. Injection Molded magnets are limited to 6 MGOe. Bonded magnets can go up to 13 MGOe. Their residual flux density ranges 0.6 to 1T. Their service temperature ranges 100 to 220 C.

PMAG Database Folder CM for Molded magnets lists 554 B(H) Demagnetization Curves of 49 grades, produced by 19 manufacturers worldwide. For names of all these grades, please click on PMAG, Materials.