Nickel Steel

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Nickel Steels use 30 to 80% Nickel to greatly reduce the core loss and increase permeability compared to Grain Oriented steels.  Because of their low core loss, they are used at high frequencies ranging 1000 to 100,000 Hz. But their maximum saturation induction is 1.6 T.

The 80% Nickel steels offer higher permeability but lower saturation (~0.8 to 1.1T). The 50% Nickel steels offer higher saturation (~1.6T), but have lower resistivity. But as with electrical steels, trace impurities (that impact magnetic properties) differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. So MagWeb lists properties of these materials by the manufacturer, irrespective of they being of same composition. They are employed in inductors, transformers that are used in the Communication, EMI Shielding and anti-shop lifting industries.

Version 6 stores both B(H) and Core Loss properties of each grade in a single excel file.  MagWeb’s Nickel Steel Folder has 193 excel files listing magnetic properties of these materials, produced by several manufacturers.  They contain  121 B(H) magnetization data sets 72 Core Loss data sets.  For a full list of commercial names of all these materials, please click on SMAG – Materials.  

Data in Version 6 also exploited a novel data smoother. It is not unusual for measured data to be rough. Rough data can slow solution convergence.  To prevent such slowdown, MagWeb locates all rough spots in all raw data and spot-cleans them.  Version 6 also extrapolated all smoothed data to saturation. You can download Saturation Flux Density Js of thousands of Grades from SMAG – Materials link.

By downloading this folder, you will have 193 files on properties of all Nickel  Steels manufactured world wide at your finger tips!

Please review the Handbook for more technical information on the magnetic properties of these classic materials.

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