Stainless Steels

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Stainless Steels (aka Chromium Steels) are those that add 12 to 30% Chromium. Those with higher Chromium have superior corrosion resistance, but their magnetic properties are not that great.   The 400 series are magnetic. They are available as plates, slabs, and rounds etc, some of which are machinable. Their core loss is high, so they are used mostly in DC or low frequency applications where high corrosion resistance is required. Their permeability is low, ranging 500 to 2000. Applications include rotor shafts and solenoids.

Version 6 stores both B(H) and Core Loss properties of each grade in a single excel file. MagWeb’s Stainless Steel Folder has 49 grade files. It listing magnetic properties of a variety of stainless steels.   For names of all these grades, please click on SMAG – Materials. 

Data in Version 6 also exploited a novel data smoother. It is not unusual for measured data to be rough. Rough data can slow solution convergence.  To prevent such slowdown, MagWeb locates all rough spots in all raw data and spot-cleans them.  Version 6 also extrapolated all smoothed data to saturation. You can download Saturation Flux Density Js of thousands of Grades from SMAG – Materials link.

By downloading this folder, you will have 49 files on magnetic properties of all magnetic stainless steels produced world wide!

Please review the SMAG – Handbook for more technical information on the magnetic properties of these materials. It will also help you identify an optimal stainless steels that offer best magnetic properties.

This website is designed for instant download of Folders (containing the magnetic property files) via credit card. If you wish to purchase via quote/purchase order, please email to

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