Contribute Data

Contribute Your Company’s Data  –  It’s Free

We are building a comprehensive database of magnetic materials for use by designers of electric machines.  Currently our database has been integrated into leading design software and  is being used by major electric machine manufacturers.

If your technical data is not yet in our database,  we invite you to share it with us so that electrical designers can discover your offerings.  BHmag database will enables your materials to be discovered by the large engineering community worldwide at no cost to you. We want to partner with you to give you the benefit of additional exposure for your products to the worldwide engineering community. You can email your technical data to

What format does MagWeb require?

You can contribute your technical data (B-H curves, core loss curves etc) in the current format that you have.   An electronic spreadsheet or database (Excel, Access, etc.) format will make our job easier.  If you don’t already have data in such a format, we can provide a template data format used by MagWeb.

You could mail us your catalog containing the B-H and core loss data.  Just call us at (518) 382-1699 or email us at