Magnet Database (PMAG )– Digital Demagnetization Curves database

Version 2 (1 Aug. 2020)


5000 Digital Demagnetization Curves for Permanent Magnets from around the World

Grouped into 5 Categories:

  • AM    Neodymium Magnets
  • BM    Samarium Cobalt Magnets
  • CM    Molded/Bonded Magnets
  • DM    Ferrite/Ceramic Magnets
  • EM    Alnico Magnets
  • Over 5000 temperature-dependent Demagnetization curves
  • from over 60 manufacturers world-wide
  • Data for each Magnet Grade in a Single File. It lists:
    • Knee Point (Demagnetization Flux Density Bd)
    • Residual Flux Density Br
    • Coercivity HcB
    • Safe Operating Range
    • Temperature Range

 PMAG Handbook Version 2 Link:

  • How Knee Point differs with Manufacturers
  • How to discover Superior Magnets
  • How to improve Demagnetization Resistance

Magnet Materials Link: Searchable by Manufacturer, Grade and Temperature Range

Free Demagnetization Curves Link: Ten Downloadable Files containing Demagnetization data on a variey of permanent magnet grades.